free design
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Some designers have a taboo working for free. They believe it’s a negative thing to do and it’s a waste of time. It all depends on how you perceive it. As with all things there are positives and negatives. I am not suggesting that you should always do work for free when a person/organization/charity asks you. Start recognizing the people that they want to take advantage of the free design work. You must always be selective and make your research about them. Giving makes us feel happy. When people/designers are happy they can really be creative, motivated and inspired.

Studies by sociologists Brent Simpson and Robb Willer, have advised that when you give to others, your kindness is likely to be rewarded by others in the future and sometimes by the person you gave to, sometimes by someone else.

So how artists/designers can benefit from offering free design work?

1.Understanding & Communication

By offering your services for a good cause to charities or organizations you can be aware of many issues that happening in todays world. When you are more aware of how things are, you will have more understanding towards people. Understanding creates good communication. When you have good communication you will have satisfied clients.

2.Build a good name

Designing for a good cause it will help you build a good name around your image. You will show that you don’t care only for the money, but you also care for offering to the community. People like and appreciate good gestures and it is easier to gain their trust.

3.Showcase your work

What a great way showcasing your work and get exposure. There are so many good designers out there. You have to find all possible ways to stand out so more people can get to know you. Furthermore you will feel proud and satisfied with yourself when you see your work out there. You will gain more confidence, even if it’s done for free. Here is a recent example of a free design work I did for the Sirus Dog Sanctuary that I am really proud of.

4.Practice your design skills

Many designers might have been inactive for a long period of time. It is a great motivation to start refreshing your skills again. Most of the times this kind of design work doesn’t have a lot of pressure from the clients because it is done for free, and it will be easier for you to design.

5.Portfolio work

A new opportunity to add new design work to your portfolio. Updating your portfolio it’s crucial for all creatives. You are showing that you are active and creative. But…don’t make an update to your portfolio and put something average on it. It must be shown through your work how much you really love what you do.


Meeting new people and building new contacts it is very important in all fields. Not all the people you meet are beneficial. You have to choose wisely where you give your contact details. You might get some future clients or design work through those contacts.

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