With a good combination of  graphic design experience, quality designs and good communication skills, you will always get results. Hear what my clients have to say in the testimonials section below.



“For our program “Creative Partnerships – Artists in Schools”, we have collaborated with Valeria, which undertook the design & artistic direction of the Program Guide. We would like to express our thanks for the excellent cooperation & high quality service offered by Valeria. – Dr. Phivi Nicolaou (K.O.E.T Member)

“Valeria is a passionate designer & she loves what she does. She takes each individual job seriously & use all her knowledge & techniques in order to get the best possible results. She is always the first person to contact when i need a designer because i know the results will be just perfect. – Nikos Nikolaou (Web Developer)

“Valeria worked with us for a month before returning to Cyprus and we found her to be hard working and friendly. She worked on our animations with After Effects, and produced a complex animation involving a rotating cube that the client loved and a series of graphical inserts for short films amongst others. She also proved her proficiency with Photoshop. She was a lovely person to have around and it was a great shame to see her go.”
www.roberthindle.com – Robert Hindle (Filmaker)

“Valeria has been a very responsible, cooperative and hard working person. Her focus & professionalism on what she is doing makes her a person who sets herself solid and productive goals. I have developed a great deal of respect for her dedication & loyalty to her job.  Her great knowledge, professional skills in photo editing & digital photo album designs have been providing MPM Thoma photography with excellent results. ” – Marinos Thoma (Photographer)

“I have used Valeria’s services for the last few years. With a professional approach Valeria has created my Logo & various Graphics for my Music School. These have been used in my websites, flyers, posters & advertisements with great success. I am very pleased with all her creative work. Highly recommended!” – Costantinos Lyras (guitar music teacher)

“I have worked with Valeria on many of my projects and she never fails to provide amazing results . She listens to instructions very well and gives you ideas and advice so you can together achieve that great final image. I will definitely keep working with her.”– Anastasia  Vanelli (Make up artist & Model)

“Valeria is that kind of person that never gives up until she has reached perfection! She is so smart, talented and creative – she’s a true artist. She designed a digital storytelling application for me so as to teach my students in a different way! The result was amazing! She’s excellent!” – Giannis Georgiou (Teacher)

“Valeria has amazing communication skills, creativity and nice approach in any design problem. She is a pleasant person work with.” – Pericles Pericleous (Electrical Engineering student)